It’s official, Shakira is not Scottish

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LATIN songstress Shakira refuses to feel guilty about her spending habits, claiming shopping boosts the global economy.

“I used to feel guilty – I am a Catholic girl after all – but today, the way I see it, shopping keeps the world rolling,” she  is reported to have said. “A world where people don’t consume? The economy gets worse.”

So, if the Scottish stereotype is true, with this confirmation of willingness to part with her cash it’s official, Shakira is not one of us.  However it is a pity that this role model for young women  was not in Edinburgh at the weekend to hear the advice of another Latin American role model.

Herman Rosa Chavez, El Salvador’s minister for the environment, spoke on Sunday at Lauriston Jesuit Centre on climate change as a ‘moral issue’ and of the need for a global ‘adaptation agenda’ for development.
“We have to find a way to change the logic of how the system works; to de-link human progress from economic growth,” he said. “If not we will face ever increasing levels of consumption and production. We need a paradigm shift and common rules for all. ”

Not quite as catchy as the She-wolf’s refrain but, dare we say it, the minister’s words have a little more substance.


One Response to “It’s official, Shakira is not Scottish”

  1. Liam Costello Says:

    Bit harsh on Shakira she does a power of charity work, probably more than the El Salvadorean minister. Find out more about her work here:

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