Can we get our act together?

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THE campaign by Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris to end discrimination against Catholics as enshrined in the Act of Settlement may be a step closer to success today but it still does not go far enough.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) has ruled that laws barring members of the Royal Family from marrying Catholics breach the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr Harris’s proposed reform of the act has received cross-party backing in a report on the Government’s Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill.

As Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell has pointed out on more than one occasion, however, only the immediate repeal of the act can right the wrong against Catholics enshrined in British law.

In Scotland, where sectarianism is known as the nation’s ‘shame’, the act  is seen as legitimising anti-Catholic prejudice.

In this general election year, isn’t it time someone listened to the call for radical change throughout the Commonwealth, no matter how costly and time consuming, instead of token reform of this anti-Catholic act?


One Response to “Can we get our act together?”

  1. Jill McGuire Says:

    Could it be possible, just possible, that attempts to change this act now is just a transparent political bid to woo the Catholic vote in Scotland ahead of poling day. Can we be so easily won? Too little, too late I say.

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