Testament to Faith

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AS HARROWING reports come in about the inhuman conditions in which the people of Haiti find themselves after last week’s earthquake, fighting over coffins to bury their dead and finding only empty cardboard boxes where there should be food, today there is a ray of hope.

Haitians are turning to their Faith for strength, in spite of everything their strongly Catholic country and people have been through— from political upheavals, human rights abuses, hurricanes, abject poverty and the recent earthquake.

Fr Donald Chambers lived in Haiti for a year and is now the Catholic Mission national director in Kingston, Jamaica, west of Haiti.

“Why God would let this happen is a mystery, but the Faith of the people of Haiti is tremendous. You don’t see that in the media,” he said.

“Their Faith makes them resilient. I saw a Twitter message that said the night after the earthquake people were praying and singing. The earthquake had just hit before 5 that afternoon. It was beauty in the midst of tragedy.”

“People don’t blame Jesus for all these things,” said Cristina Bailey, a 24-year-old clerk in Haiti. “They have Faith. They believe that Jesus saved them and are thankful for that.”

Most Haitians don’t feel abandoned, she said, in spite of the disaster.  Let’s hope that Faith can keep them strong while international aid arrives.



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