Nero fiddled while Rome burned

Welcome to Cross Wires, the new Scottish Catholic Observer newspaper blog. Cross Wires aims to shine a light on the key issues and breaking news between weekly  editions of the SCO so look in regularly for updates. You will find facts, opinion, analysis and plenty of  food for thought.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. This is a flawed legend. The idea that Emperor Nero neglected his duty during the great fire in AD 64 to play the violin (which wasn’t invented until the 16th century) does not hold up to scrutiny.

None the less there is a valuable lesson to be learned here on the importance of not being distracted by unimportant matters in times of crisis. So no matter what flaws or hairline cracks can be found in certain theories or institutions, we as Scottish Catholics cannot and must not be be distracted from what our hearts and minds tell us to be important and true.

For example, while the people of Haiti are suffering from the after effects of one of the worst ever earthquakes, let’s not fiddle while the earth burns.

Herman Rosa Chavez, the Minister of the Environment from El Salvador, is speaking at 6pm tonight at the Lauriston Jesuit Centre in Edinburgh as part of the On Holy Ground environmental series. Mr Chavez can offer valuable insight into why we cannot rest on our laurels over climate change after the failed UN conference in Copenhagen.


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